Sex information must explain real women’s behaviors

The young tend to be the most sexually active. So mature couples with decades of experience often assume that young people know more about sex than they do. [i] In turn each generation rejects the wisdom of its elders. The sex researchers’ findings have been so contentious that their work is simply ignored. So today we have no universally accepted account of our sexuality and sex information is based largely on personal intuition. In the BBC TV documentary ‘Science Britannica’ (2013) Professor Brian Cox says: “The only way to understand how nature works is to look at it and then use logic and reason to understand and explain what you see. Newton was one of the first to interrogate Nature using the principles of what we now call the ‘scientific method’. In other words he observed the world, came up with theories to explain what he saw, then tested them with experiments to see if he was right. The power of this approach is that it aims to remove preconceived ideas and in doing so delive…

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