Every Type of Orgasm You Could Possibly Hope to Have

Think of your orgasm less as a prix-fixe menu, more as an endless buffet with Chris Hemsworth manning the build-your-own-omelet bar.

1. Clitoral. A go-to O for many, thanks to the clit's 8,000 sensory nerve endings. If orgasms were friends, clitoral is your maid of honor.
2. Vaginal. The more rare yet doable O makes some women report full-body tingles, according to research. Schwing!
3. Blended. The swirl fro-yo of orgasms: Stimulating your clit and vagina triggers more of your brain, resulting in more pleasure.
4. Multiple. Not just for porn stars: 80% of women have had more than one O during a sex session (counting foreplay).
5. Sleepgasm. 65% of women climax while asleep, due to blood flow to their Hope Diamond. Good night, indeed.
6. Simultaneous orgasm. Highly sought-after; usually happens when one partner has the impressive ability to control his/her O while the other catches up.
7. Tomatogasm. You say tomatogasm, we say to-mahto-gasm. One PostSecret contributor says eating a ripe cherry tomato made her climax.
8. Coregasm. Get off the couch! 10% of women report feeling a deep internal orgasm while exercising.
9. Birthgasm. A small group of women report a euphoric O while giving birth. Critics say they'd sooner get off from a root canal.
10. Boobgasm. Boobs = the clitori of your chest. Nipple stimulation can activate the same brain region as clitoral or vaginal love.
11. King-gasm. One woman reported a "wonderful" yet "awkward" O while reading Stephen King's On Writing in a grocery-store line.
13. Eargasms. The vagus nerve (the same that carries sensation from the cervix) also connects to the ear. Wet Willy, anyone?
14. Turbulence-gasm. Riding in bumpy vehicles like trains and buses is the ticket for some women. Yes, public transportation can be a giant vibrator.
15. Chocogasms. Willy Wonka as sex symbol? Some women say really good, rich dark chocolate is quite literally better than sex.
16. Analgasm. No butts about it: The same nether- region nerve brings pleasure to your vagina, your cervix, and your bum.
17. Thinking off. The brain really is a sex organ: Some women say they can O just by thinking about something pleasurable.
18. Cervical. Research suggests the vagus nerve from the cervix may be a pathway to (super-intense) orgasms.
This article was originally published as "The Orgasm Spectrum" in the April 2015 issue of CosmopolitanClick here to get the issue in the iTunes store!